Am 21.08.98 habe ich im Rahmen einer Zusammenarbeit mit Aurea Mediocritas im Jump Walldorf aufgelegt. 
Algiz - Fall apart
Ball, Dave - In strict tempo
Camerata Mediolanense - Balcani in fiamme
Christian Death - Silent thunder
Clair Obscur - Froh
Coil - Ostia
Current 93 - Earth covers earth
Current 93 - In the heart of the woods...
Das Kabinett - The cabinet
Dead can Dance - Rakim
Death in June - Cathedral of tears
Death in June - Runes and men
Deine Lakaien - Love me to the end
Die Form - Silent order
Dreadful Shadows - True faith
Eicher, Stephan - Noise boys song
Fields of the Nephilim - Moonchild
Genocide Organ - Klaus Barbie
Ikon - Fall apart
In the Nursery - Blue religion
Joy of Life - Warrior creed
Kissing the Pink - The last film
Last Dance, The - Into the ghost
Love like Blood - Tears of liberation
Manuskript - The Chase
Mental Measuretech - Turtle recall
Mercantan - Germanium
Monte Cazzaza - Six eyes from hell
Moon lay hidden beneath a cloud, The
Mother Destruction - Hella roots
Nature and Organisation - Bonewhiteglory
Nocturnal Emissions - Never give up
Nomi, Klaus - The cold song
Normal, The - TVOD
Ordo Equilibrio - Conquest, love & self perserverance
Paul Lemos & Joe Papa - Tormentorís song
Revolutionary Army of the infant Jesus - Tales from Europe
Second Layer - Courts or wars
Sol Invictus - Long live death
Spizzenergi - Soldier, soldier
SPK - Day of pigs
Suspiria - Behind the wheel
Test Department - Arddyledog ganu
Test Department - Gwyr a aeth gatraeth
Visage - Fade to grey


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