Am 06.08.11 habe ich bei "1654 The Cave" auf Burgruine Leofels zusammen mit DJ Taube aufgelegt. Hier alle Lieder des Abends in chronologischer Reihenfolge. Der Abend hat riesig Spaß gemacht.
death in june & les joyaux de la princesse – les cavaliers du crépuscule
empusae – neupridem

haus arafna – I did it for you
november növelet – she was young
deutsch nepal – horses give birth to flies
in slaugther natives – truth awakening
nocturnal emissions – in our time
dernière volonté – vienna
backworld – language of dreams
current 93 – earth covers earth
death in june – zimmerit
sol invictus – death of the west

of the wand and the moon – my devotion will never fade
ordo equilibrio rosarius – seduced by the kisses….
test. dept. – goddodin 12”
death in june – rose clouds of holocaust
dernière volonté – le foudre et le tonnere
skinny puppy – worlock
kirlian camera – eclipse
klangstabil – you may start
laibach – b-mashina
einstürzende neubauten – die befindlichkeit des landes

dave ball – in strict tempo
the rorschach garden – state protection
nocturnal emissions – don´t believe it´s over
dernière volonté – rien à aimer
herz jühning – i deserve
haus arafna – heart beats, blood flow
genocide organ – the lord is my light
die form – ad infinitum
november növelet – magic
geneviève pasquier – past

kirlian camera – fields of sunset
spk – walking on dead steps
the klinik – black leather
skinny puppy – assimilate
frontline assembly – provision
moata omen – ash nazg

haus arafna – für immer
propergol – la vie en rose
of the wand and the moon – gal anda
death in june – the calling

mental measuretech – turtle recall III
apoptose & fanfarenzug leipzig – blutopfer
rome – hope dies painless
triarii – heaven & hell
paul lemos & joe papa – tormentors song
genocide organ – vive la guerre
mercantan – germanium
caroline k. – tracking with close-ups

front 242 – der verfluchte engel
pal – shiftwork
sephiroth – wolftribes
ah cama sotz – confession
aphex twin – blue calx
front 242 – welcome to paradise
the normal – tvod
afa – being boiled
rational youth – collaboid race

arnaud lazlaud – elan
the arch – babsi ist tot
schwefel – metropolis
kas product – so young but so cold
klangstabil – push yourself
syndicate electronique – sacrifice
kraftwerk – radioactivity
joy division – she´s lost control
hunting lodge – tribal warning shot
spk – walking on dead steps
monte cazazza – six eyes from hell
blood axis – I walked in line
dernière volonté – songe d´un matin d´ete
death in june – little black angel
current 93 – in the heart of the wood
predominance – luftschiffe
klinik – sick in your mind
esplendor geometrico – moscu esta helado
stratis – herzlos
das kabinett – the cabinet

section 25 – looking from a hilltop
faith & the muse – battle hym
derniere volonté - ?
psyche – goodbye horses
johnny cash $ acid pauli – I see a darkness
clan of xymox – heroes (slow industrial version)

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